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Childcare Discovery Center’s philosophy is based on a developmental approach, which emphasizes learning through play. Children are involved in learning daily experiences, which both are interesting and allow them to explore and “discover their world”. It is important for children to have these opportunities to construct their own knowledge through exploration, interaction with materials, and imitation. Childcare Discovery Center’s age appropriate classrooms are arranged into learning centers to enhance a child’s play. Childcare Discovery Center’s curriculum promotes distinct interest areas in order to encourage independence, foster decision-making, and promote involvement. These interest areas typically include space for the following activities:
House corner
Music and movement
Table toys
Art/messy play
Sand and water
Gross motor
Imagination centers
Craft Ctr
Writing Ctr
ChildCare Discovery Center helps children become active explorers who are self-confident, independent and enthusiastic learners by stressing the process of learning and discovery through developmentally appropriate activities in a safe, secure environment.



Harnessing the Creativity of your Child

Kids Blowing Bubbles


A warm environment and positive interactions foster an infant’s sense of trust and self-esteem.  Daily routines and sensory experiences are used to promote listening and language skills, and to help infants learn about the world around them.  Play activities and interactions focus on the development of large muscles for sitting, crawling, standing, walking, and small muscles for grasping, reaching, holding, and picking up objects.

Toddler with Toys


Three different toddler classrooms allow your child to received individualized care, ensuring they receive exactly what they need to take their next steps. 

Classroom space and materials are organized to support the toddlers need to physically explore, to discover, and to be independent.  Staff provides comforting words and lap time to help toddlers cope with separation from parents.  Toddlers are encouraged to participate in daily routines to develop self-help skills and to feel good about themselves.  Activities provide repeated opportunities with sensory experiences that help develop large and small muscles, and that promotes thinking and communication skills.  Stories, pictures, and books are introduced to help toddler’s experience reading as a pleasurable activity.  Staff members reinforce positive behaviors, set limits, and are consistently available to support the toddlers conflicting need for independence and comfort.

Kids Drawing


Our 3 year old and 4 year old Preschool Programs ensure your child receives everything they need for Kindergarten readiness.

Classroom organization and a daily schedule provide increased opportunities for independent and small group play.  Interest centers support preschoolers’ developing ability to organize their own play, assign roles and tasks, and work towards a common goal.  Staff interaction focuses on assisting preschoolers to organize information that they gather, develop and understand number concepts, practice reasoning/problem solving, and expand communication skills.  Independent and group activities with books and stories promote reading readiness.  Within the room the staff create a print rich environment with signs, labels and charts. The children are also provided daily opportunities to draw, paint, and engage in writing activities.  Children are increasingly involved in helping to set limits for positive and caring behaviors.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Providing fun, safe, and interactive before and afterschool care allows you the peace-of-mind to know your child is in great hands. Additionally, school year breaks, summer vacation, and remote learning are all taken care of, but trained, caring, and loving staff.

Our School age is a state of the art facility designed with school aged children in mind.  We have the following onsite: Gymnasium (basketball, scooters, parachute, 4-square, hopscotch, soccer, kickball.  A program with a schedule of activities has been planned that is independent of the child’s school experience, but meets the needs of the school-age child. 

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys


Unique and Valuable

Childcare Discovery Center's Mission is to offer high quality childcare and preschool to form a solid early education foundation in a safe and nurturing environment. Childcare Discovery Center is committed to making your childcare experience successful.



Caring & Dedicated


As our Administrator, Tammy McNeil is committed to helping children explore and learn in a hands-on environment. Nothing brings them more happiness than seeing the growth and evolution of our students.


Possessing a contagious enthusiasm, Courtney McNeil has been an amazing asset for ChildCare Discovery Center. Her warmth, creativity and drive makes her a great colleague and a perfect fit as a Director.


With a nurturing personality and hands-on approach towards learning, we are thrilled to have Deb Breon as a part of our team. Their commitment to children makes them the Director.



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(515) 576-6771

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